Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


THE INCIDENT THAT took place at the Columbia Count Board meeting makes me embarrassed to be black. Ryan B and "his" people may have taken up the "white" parents' seats, but you also took up the Asian parents' seats, the Hispanic parents' seats and the black parents' seats. You took a night of special recognition for our children and turned it into a side show. The only positive thing that came out of your spectacle was that the parents of Richmond County actually got to witness excellence in education, something they are not use to, I am sure!

LET ME FIRST GIVE a big rave to Glenn Hills Middle school for doing a wonderful job hosting the Augusta-Richmond County Student Council Awards Reception.

Now for a huge Rant against the Board of Education ... you are so wrapped up in your petty politics that not one of the board members showed up in support of Student Council. In a society that has gone awry, we should show support to our children that are attempting to rise above and become productive members of society. Perhaps they were ashamed because they were outclassed by children. ...

A RANT FOR SCHRENKO, Walker, Walker Jr., Williams, Larke and other local politicians who give meaning to the slogan "I Played Augusta."

THIS RANT IS FOR the Judge who set bond at $25,000 for a murderer and $40,000 for robbery. How are these decisions made? I hope nobody dies before his trial due to "behavioral and emotional problems". It was your call, Judge.

OKAY, SO WE NOW know that Rep. Sue Burmeister was part of the illegal campaign funding plan of former state School Superintendent Linda Schrenko. Will charges follow?

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