Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:


YOU DON'T LIKE HAVING to dial 10 numbers? That is necessary as so many unnecessary cell phones have used up the available numbers. Look around and listen to the stupid chatter.

THIS IS A BIG RAVE for Kamille Bostick and her Teen Board. Every Tuesday their articles are well-written and interesting. The Chronicle and the teens are fortunate to have Kamille working with them and offering direction. I thank you, Kamille, and your board. I urge all Chronicle readers to read the column in the Xtreme section on Tuesdays. Thank you.

THIS IS A RAVE TO "that lady" from Sacred Heart. I am the musician she was speaking to. Raves to her. We had a simple misunderstanding. We worked it out between the two of us. I am very, very sorry that anyone overheard us. I respect her. She is my friend. She is a very hard worker at Sacred Heart. I appreciate all she does.

THIS IS A RAVE FOR John Butler. Even though we wanted him to qualify for Sue's seat, it's good to hear he's staying local. We need him here in Augusta.

I THINK YOU SHOULD take out the Rants and Raves line. Everything in it is always bashing President Bush. I would suggest you take it out of the paper. I've got to where I tear it out and the editorial before I even read it. You all have gotten so liberal. I've been a subscriber all my life, but I think I'm going to cancel it.

TO THE PARENT WHO insists Dr. Welcher is totally responsible for the yearbook issue: Can you help the school collect the lost books and lost dues owed to the school? The last time yearbooks were ordered the school paid for them, and I'm told they still have them. Unfortunately, the school cannot order 10 books for a low cost. Buy your child a camera and create your own memories like I did my child. Trust me. It's a lot cheaper.

THIS IS A RANT TO THE people in this country who expect others to exploit their land to sell us cheap oil when our politicians refuse to permit us from drilling for known oil reserves within our own land.