Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


RAVES, RAVES, RAVES. What a nice surprise. The listing for Evans Cinema and Masters Cinema is so easy to read. Please, please do it for Regal Cinema and Augusta Village 12. It's so much easier to read. Please fix it the new way.

I AM PROUD OF THE fact that Ray McBerry will run against that lowdown, lying Sonny Perdue in the Georgia primary race for governor of Georgia.

I WOULD LIKE TO RANT about everybody making comments about Richmond County not doing its job. They're out there trying to do the best they can. As far as people speeding, that should be up to us as human beings and adults. We know what the speed limits are. ... People should know their own boundaries. They should not blame other people for their own fault. We should do what we're supposed to do and obey the laws. ...

IN RESPONSE TO THE person who commented on people wearing baggy shorts and the comparison to Hank Hill's Pops. First, learn how to spell. It's spelled "gangstas." Or if you want to be all proper about it, it's "gangsters" before you criticize. You dig?

I'M CALLING ABOUT the lineup for Saturday night's race. It said in the sports section it would be on 2C. Well, it was not in there. I'm ranting about that.

THIS IS A RAVE FOR the bus driver who put the kids off the bus. It's a shame parents are so quick to blame the adults for trying to supervise misbehaving kids. I was at the health department on Windsor Spring Road on Thursday morning. They had this one kid that was out of control. The security guard spoke to the kid about playing around the automatic doors. I couldn't believe the parents got upset with the security officer and he was only trying to look out for the safety of their kids. They spent 15 minutes criticizing the security officer but they did not spend one minute trying to chastise their kid. When are parents going to take responsibility for their misbehaving kids? Society is getting out of control.

ARE WE SAFE OR NOT safe in thinking our children would be safe from catching mumps and other illnesses that break out like that? The kids' immunization records are checked when they go to school and then checked again when they go to middle school. If they don't have all their shots, they won't even let them attend school. So my question is, should we assume the kids should be relatively safe if the vaccinations work?