Rants and raves

Comments from readers:


I HOPE THAT ALL THE companies will counsel their employees and let them know if they don't have a baby sitter and need to bring a child to work in extreme cases that they are allowed to do it. It could save a life in the future. My heart goes out to the family of little Zack Frison. We all share a part in this needless death because so often we are not there for these women who need some sort of help.

THIS IS A RANT ABOUT the James Brown festival and the ongoing struggle between Walker and the James Brown camp. Mr. Brown is scheduled to perform in three cities in four days. I think he needs a day of rest instead of flying to Augusta just to line Walker's pocket. And he most certainly should not have to perform for free since people have to pay for this event probably $40 or more.

CHARLES WALKER received lessons from a pro, but he seems to have been asleep at a time when he should have been awake and attentive.

IN RESPONSE TO THE guy not wanting to pay taxes because they're teaching the Bible in school: We Christians pay taxes. Why shouldn't we be allowed to teach the Bible in school? We pay taxes, too.

THIS RANT IS TO THE person who had such bad manners and morals to come on my front porch on Sunday morning to steal our Masters flag. Shame on you.

REGARDING CYNTHIA MCKINNEY: The prejudiced guards at the Capitol knew who she was. She was right. They did that to her and she fought back. I'm proud of her for fighting back.