Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:


THIS IS A RANT concerning the good-old-boy politics that allow a contractor that is behind two years on one project to be awarded another road project. When we're still waiting in line on Furys Ferry Road next year, remember you have Sue Burmeister to thank for it.

THERE IS SO MUCH bickering among the elected officials. They repeatedly say they have the city's and county's best interest at heart. Let me remind you, if you would take a look at the state and U.S. flags flying at the Bell Auditorium - they are a disgrace. Some of us look at these daily. What a shame of their condition. Do something, please, some good for your city and county. Keep the flags flying in good condition. Fly them with pride.

THIS IS A BIG RANT for whomever picks up the trash on Willis Foreman Road. There are mattresses and all kinds of debris and trash. It's been reported and nothing is done about it. Shame on you all. And you call yourself the Garden City? Ha. What a laugh.

A RANT FOR PEOPLE holding signs (reading) "We need tickets." You need medicine. You need groceries. You need air. People holding these signs need a psychiatrist. You won't need tickets. Get a life. It will go on after the Masters.

SUE BURMEISTER WAS claiming bragging rights in the The Augusta Chronicle on getting her bill passed to give certain nurses more authority. I hope when people start suing because of severe health problems from this that Burmeister can be included.

A RAVE TO THE LADY who wore a dress to the tournament. In my day, we always dressed up in new, colorful outfits and looked forward to seeing what other people were wearing.

THIS IS ABOUT THE RANT about Charles Walker Jr. He has been proved innocent. His father is doing his time. Please let this young man go. He can't help what his father did.

REGARDING THE thoughtless drivers around Springfield, S.C.: I was in that courtroom. The fine is $200. So you better crawl through there. Radar is everywhere.

THIS IS A RANT TO The Augusta Chronicle for eliminating the synopsis of movies at the end of their TV guide for the past two weeks. Please put these back into the guide.