Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

THIS IS A RAVE for whoever paid for dinner for a soldier in uniform and his family at Longhorn Steakhouse on Monday night. What a nice surprise! We appreciate the show of support for our armed services. Thank you for your kindness!

PLEASE KEEP MARION Williams and the "mystery bus tour" out of District 7. I do not want my property taxes to increase another 60 percent for three straight years.

RECENTLY SEVERAL articles have been published in the newspaper about not only the dangers for teenagers using MySpace.com, but also how the information on their MySpace.com profile can follow the teenager later in life when applying for jobs. Any parent who still does not know what MySpace.com is is just outright ignorant. Any parent who allows a teenager to have a MySpace.com profile is negligent. Law enforcement should charge these parents. Wake up parents, get your head out of the sand, and smell the coffee and protect your children!

THE PUPPET DICTATOR at the Palace of Education will likely be replaced through a coup. A regime will fall; revenge will be exacted; the ineffectual will be replaced with the ineffectual. God help our children!

I, A LIFELONG Republican, have finally figured out President W's strategy. Just do some new stupid thing every four or five days so the idiot Democrats go crazier trying to figure out which inanity to vituperate about.

AUGUSTA DESERVES getting no respect. In progressive cities, they steal new Cadillac Escalades. In Augusta, they steal '85 Cutlasses.