Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

THIS IS A RANT to the ignorant people who praise Travis Phillips for shooting Bobby Hutto. Why don't you stop and think about what Bobby's family is having to deal with, reading his obituary and then having to read that. Maybe Bobby was not invading their home. Maybe Travis' girlfriend Karen invited him over. The truth will never be known because Bobby Hutto is dead.

NOT A RANT or a rave, just a prediction. Charles Larke will accept a new contract as school superintendent, resign and be paid for three years.

THIS IS A RAVE to A.K. Hassan: Thank you. I have often wondered what Charles Larke has on the school board that they keep renewing his contract. He's the worst administrator I have ever seen in public school.

THIS IS A REPLY to the rant about Girl Scout cookies. The cookies are a fundraiser to help the troop raise money for camps and other activities. Think about what you are buying the cookies for. I am sure you waste more money on things that will never amount to anything, so just chill out and enjoy those delicious little morsels and know that you helped a little girl get her badge and go to camp.

I JUST WANT Marion Williams to know that we do have dogwood trees in District 2. I have five in my yard. Also, we have to pick up trash every day that someone has thrown out of a car or just thrown down while walking by our house. That is why our streets are so trashy.

RON CROSS, you are just out of touch with the people in Columbia County. From pushing the arena, consolidation, more spending and more taxes, you certainly don't act like a Republican.

TO THE FLAG NUTS: Gov. Roy Barnes did what he knew was best for this state, even though he knew it would cost him his job. You voted him out. Sonny Perdue is a stone-cold politician willing to say anything to get elected. You voted him in. Then you're surprised, no shocked, that he did not deliver on what you think he promised you. There is nothing wrong with heritage. But with our nation at war, when our state is fighting for last place in education, when our elderly can't afford their medication ... if the single most important thing on your mind come Election Day is a flag that represents a war we lost over a hundred years ago, then you're not the sharpest pencil in the bunch.