Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

JUST FINISHED READING Greg Gelpi's article about the school discipline profiles and find it shocking that over 40 teacher assaults were reported. No student should ever be allowed back into a public school after assaulting a teacher. Society will have what society condones.

I MAY BE GOING out on a limb with this comment but is it safe to say the people in Marion Williams' district (are) the same ones who made it look and be in condition that it's in or did someone from another district do it? I wonder who.

THIS IS A RANT FOR the prescription Plan D for the elderly. I have been trying to decide which program would be best. I was amazed at the prices, particularly one of my drugs I pay $80 for. But to get it under the drug plan it's $179. That's the government for you. And please, everyone, pray that St. Joseph will not be closed. I feel like something is behind all of this and it doesn't smell very good.

THE PROBLEM WITH the evangelical mind is that there is not much of an evangelical mind.

I JUST READ RANTS and Raves about the school should not start before Labor Day. Don't they have sense enough to know if school doesn't start until the middle of September, it will be the middle of June or later before they can get out? Then this will mess up "summer vacation." Some people need to get a little brain in the head.

IT'S A SHAME THAT in South Carolina there are no longer such things as hunting accidents. But our vice president can get away with such that almost killed a man. If the nation doesn't charge him, we're in bad shape.

BOO HISS BOO TO Hedrick for bearing ill will for his teammate Shani Davis. Davis was right to wish to be in top condition for his contests. If he decided he would not handle the team event, then the alternate who participated should not be humiliated to be treated as if he purposely cost the team win. Hedrick was not hot shot to have come in 6th. So if he cannot handle himself to win for the U.S., who is he to comment on how Shani Davis is to handle himself? He won for the U.S. and that counts!