Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

I HAVE WRITTEN THREE RANTS regarding Don Grantham. ... This is No. 4. Grantham doesn't get it. His constituents are not going to be bullied by his cronies to have a shopping center put in their neighborhood, no matter what he says. We have begged him to be fair minded and listen to the people who voted for him, to no avail.

I WOULD LIKE TO THANK Judge Douglas Flanagan for opening my young daughter's eyes to what happens when you misbehave in school. We went before him, and he was kind and fair and extremely concerned about the children's welfare. I don't think that anyone says thank you much, but as a parent, I would like to. My daughter is now asking for extra credit work at school and is doing so much better. ... The insight that Judge Flanagan gave her is responsible. Thank you, sir.

THIS IS A RANT about voting on when school should start: What difference does it make if it's not after Labor Day? Seems to me when a child goes to school for 12 years, and at the end of those 12 years one test determines whether or not that child gets his or her diploma, that is a more important vote the parents should be voting on.

RANTS TO THE NEW MAYOR. You say you can't find a place large enough to accommodate more than 100 people during meetings? Duh! What about one of the larger rooms in the Civic Center? Lots of parking, plenty of room to accommodate seating for over 100 people, and the fire marshal should be satisfied. ... Think about it! This is not a big brainteaser.

IT WAS A SHAME that on a day when we were celebrating the life and saying goodbye to a lady with so much class that some, while standing in front of the casket, showed no class. Former President Carter and Joseph Lowery should be ashamed of themselves for their pettiness at Mrs. King's funeral.

THE FIX FOR OLIVE ROAD railroad overpass is stop signs on each side of the overpass. The fix for vehicles crossing over the median into oncoming traffic on Bobby Jones and I-20 is the cable system South Carolina uses. South Carolina had 5,500 vehicles hit the cable in 2004 with no fatalities. Quincy and J.D., please wake up.