Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

VOTERS OF COLUMBIA County, beware. If you have any questions about consolidation, just look at what it's done (or rather not done) for Richmond County. I moved here six years ago to get away from their crap, like so many others. Ron Cross, leave us alone. If you want to be consolidated so badly, get a job in Richmond County. They need another slick commissioner.

WE NEED MORE Merrys and less Marions. Go, Woody, go. We are praying for you.

THIS IS A RAVE FOR the three people out in Columbia County in the government center. Cheryl, Miss Allen and a gentlemen there were very, very helpful concerning a title to a car and helped me tremendously. I just wanted to rave about their service.

A GREAT BIG RAVE to the Veterans Administration Hospital, where I was a patient during Christmas and again from Jan. 17 to Jan. 23. The doctors, nurses and respiratory technicians took the very best of care of me, with kindness and compassion to an 84-year-old woman. God bless them all.

THIS IS A MARVELOUS rave to the Kight family of Church Street, Blythe, thanking them for their American patriotic sign in their yard, which says, "Sleep well tonight, America. The Marines have your back." Their daughter is serving in Iraq with a Marine unit. Thank them for sharing with all of us.

A RANT TO THE HONORABLE senators Kerry and Kennedy who fear Alito will mean "an irreversible trend." Hopefully, he will halt one. How much more trash will keep coming out of Massachusetts? It has given us old Joe Kennedy's documented assistance from organized crime and a mayor of Boston elected while in jail for corruption.