Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

I'D LIKE TO COMPLAIN about the person who said the mayor should be given the right to ask the commission to shut up. I think there's a more appropriate way to ask someone to be quiet. "Shut up" is so ugly.

THIS IS A RANT FOR A system that can go very wrong - drug testing on the job. I recently was terminated from my job for testing positive to a random drug screen for no reason. I've never used any illegal drugs in my life and never will. Yet this happened to me. No way to disprove the test. A word to the wise: Anytime your workplace does a drug screen, go immediately and pay to have your own test done as a safety measure. I wonder how many others this has happened to. It is an awful feeling to be accused of something you would never do, and I have no way of defending myself. I am perfectly innocent and have lost my job.

THIS IS A RANT FOR ALL customers who come in convenience stores on their cell phones. If you want our service, please discontinue your conversation before approaching the counter.

THERE ARE PLENTY OF films for the average American to see. Kudos to the Golden Globes for recognizing two excellent films not only dealing with fear for one's lifestyle but about prejudice from people like you.

WHY CAN'T MY newspaper delivery man look at the back of the newspaper and see it's going to rain and wrap the newspaper up in the plastic a little better instead of making it look like it's been dragged through a swamp?

I AGREE WITH THE LADY who was not happy about Jeopardy being interrupted by Bob Smith's weather alert. I was watching Dancing With the Stars. ... I don't care what you put on there. Just put it on the bottom of the picture. But you don't have to pre-empt the program to give us all of that picture. Just tell us basically what the bottom line on the weather is.

I HOPE THE COLUMBIA County people had a nice time at the library gala. That library is strictly for the upper-class people in Columbia County. The poor and old people will not be able to get there. Columbia County only cares about the upper class.