Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

WHATEVER HAPPENED to the use of "yes, sir" and "yes, ma'am" is that a bunch of carpetbaggers came down here and decided that such niceties weren't necessary in their culture.

A BIG THANKS TO the Augusta Canal Authority for providing a covering on top of the bridge from Eisenhower Park to the Augusta Water Works. All the two-legged and four-legged people and pets appreciate it. Thanks a lot.

MY HAT IS OFF to the Richmond County sheriff's department for the patrol cars out that were on the Bobby Jones racetrack on Wednesday, Jan. 18. Please do this more often before more people are killed.

A RANT FOR THE COLUMBIA County tag office. Whenever you call them, all you get is recordings, and they put you on hold and you're left for a phone that rings constantly with no one that ever answers.

WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE have the county commission read the foreclosure section of the paper? This community needs jobs and opportunity, not gridlock.

A RANT TO CABLE "providers." Check your increasing bill and mass of unwanted channels, often two with the same old programs. More channels equal more commercials equal more revenue courtesy of subscribers.

MARION WILLIAMS a preacher? Practice what you preach, or do you?

REMIND THE PUBLIC not to forget about adopting pets from the Richmond County animal control. I'm very sorry Channel 12 on Midday stopped having the spot on which Mrs. Sawyer presented some of the animals. This saved thousands of lives of some of these wonderful animals.

I'D LIKE TO MAKE A RANT against Murphy Middle School, which I remind you is not Murphy Charter School. They need to do something about the teachers and the staff in the office. They're more illiterate than any child that goes there.