Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

JIMMY CARTER WAS a milquetoast president. His sinful cowardice back then made the rampant terrorism of today possible. There is blood on Carter's hands due to his in-office failures. That's why patriots hold Carter in contempt.

I AGREE WITH President Bush and the need to tap our phones for security's sake. But why is he getting between our doctors and us and threatening our churches with the IRS just because they disagree with him over the war? We're losing our rights right and left.

THANK YOU TO the gentleman who found and turned in my change purse at the Texaco gas station on the corner of Lumpkin and Richmond Hill roads. Thank you very much. You will be blessed.

HEARTFELT APPRECIATION to the principal, staff and students of Jenkins-White School for a beautiful Christmas program on Dec. 21. The interpretations, ballet rendition and selections by the violin students were superb, as were all the other performances.

DOESN'T IT SEEM strange as 2005 ended that we have an ex-president who is the most respected man in the world and a president who is the most hated?

A RAVE TO the U.S. Air Force and a rant to the whiny airport owners and other whiny CSRA citizens. CSRA citizens, do not let a few anti-American, money-grubbing people handcuff our Air Force. Let's show our air base flight coverage extends to the CSRA. The sound of a jet fighter is a sign of victory.

A RANT TO the Augusta airport. Two weeks ago we took friends to catch a plane to go to Atlanta and on to California. The airline plane was down. They had to take these people by bus to Atlanta. They missed their flight in Atlanta. Today we were supposed to pick them up at 9:45. They've called from Atlanta. The plane is down. They don't know what time they're getting in. And now people wonder why people do not want to fly out of Augusta. Get your airline straight or close down.