Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

IT WAS LUDICROUS reading about Civic Center Authority members and Centerplate officials duking it out over who wins a contract entitled King of Concession Civic Center. Out here in the real world, I spent 50 bucks for Wynonna, stood in line over 20 minutes and found out they didn't even sell coffee or tea, no hot water. If Augusta is lucky, the contract will go to a teen senior project or church or temple groups trying to earn money for a worthwhile cause or a bunch of football dudes barbecuing. If the Girl Scouts get the contract, hey, at least we get cookies.

CAN'T WE GET IT right? It's not a "hot water heater." It's a water heater. If you must add a word, it's a "cold water heater."

WHEN AUGUSTA AND Richmond County consolidated, we became the second-largest city in Georgia. I hear it all the time and I'm sick of it. We didn't become No. 2 from growth. It's like a bank robber bragging about being a millionaire because he stole a million dollars. At the rate we are losing people and Columbus is growing, we will be No. 3 soon, but we will still be No. 2 in a lot of ways.

THE AUGUSTA CHRONICLE is upset because judges are telling the schools whether they can teach intelligent design or not. Well, they had the lawsuit before them and they had to decide one way or the other. They have a duty to say what can be taught in the schools run by taxpayers' money. I think The Augusta Chronicle is upset because they didn't rule the way they wanted them to.

A BIG THANKS TO the man behind me in Wal-Mart who called to my attention about dropping my wallet when I was checking out. A big thanks for helping me locate it. God bless you.

FOR THOSE WHO CRITICIZE Target for not allowing the Salvation Army: You need to do your research. Target does not allow anybody outside their stores soliciting. It's considered a courtesy to their customers. Most of their customers appreciate it. You have no need to criticize Target. Get your facts right.

THIS IS A RANT to the spineless U.S. senators who are lobbying for the end of the Patriot Act. This country hasn't suffered a terrorist attack since 9-11. Do you think this is an accident? I've got nothing to hide and don't care if my phone conversations are being monitored as long as I'm not getting blown up! Luckily, we still have an executive branch with intestinal fortitude.

SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN, the Civil War is over. The North has prevailed. Stop flying that ridiculous flag that was flown when our country was divided. It's no wonder people north of the Mason-Dixon line think we're slow-minded idiots.

I HAVE A RANT about Boondocks. That is the most racist cartoon I've ever seen. I think it's a disgrace The Chronicle keeps it in there. I suggest you remove it from the cartoons. It isn't a cartoon. It's a racist hate item.

I HAVE A RANT against the fireworks being shot in Georgia. I think it's OK that they can do that. But I live in Olde Town. Our houses are close together. Some of us are older homeowners. Then there are a lot of apartments owned by the Olde Town Association. They rent to just anybody. About 9 o'clock, they started shooting fireworks down here. ... The girl next door to me is pregnant. I am terminally ill. It's OK to shoot them. But we're two blocks from Riverwalk Augusta. Why couldn't they go down there and do it? ... Let them go to a place where they don't have people like us next door.

TO THE PERSON who thinks more handicapped parking spaces are needed: If these spaces weren't being used by so many people who are not handicapped, there would be plenty of parking spaces. And pregnant women need exercise. So they don't need special parking places.

I'D LIKE TO KNOW what is going on in a Christian nation where beer and whiskey sell at the same price as a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread? Is the idea to keep people numb with hunger and in a drunker stupor so no one cares about what our elected representatives are doing to us? We need to speak out and stop out.

HERE IN COLUMBIA COUNTY everything the teachers and faculty want to change is granted without regard of the hardships this will cause parents and pupils. Is it safe to say we have a teachers' union up here?