High heat is heading our way

Augusta residents should see something this week that they haven't seen in more than 10 months.


Forecasts from AccuWeather and the National Weather Ser­vice show that by Thursday temperatures could reach the high 90s, pushing heat indexes into  triple digits.

"We had some mid- to upper-90s in the first couple weeks of August ," said Leonard Vaughan, a National Weather Service meteorologist in West Columbia, S.C. "That first and second week of August was probably the last time we've been in that mid- to upper  90s range of temperatures, but it wasn't quite as humid during that period as it will be towards the end of this week."

Unseasonable warmth is nothing new in Augusta this time of year, but the combination of heat and humidity will likely result in some unbearably hot weather - and possibly some thunderstorms - by week's end.

The heat wave that is headed Augusta's way has plagued parts of west Texas and produced highs near 110 degrees . But until that system reaches Augusta later in the week, temperatures will be a little more moderate.

"There will be a cold front pushing over us, and that's going to be our main influence, at least for the early part of this week," Chris Liscinsky, another  weather service  meteorologist , said Sat­ur­day. He said forecasters expect   high temperatures to be around 90 degrees today  and Tuesday.

That will change, possibly as early as Wednesday, Vaughan said.

"What's going to happen is that big ridge of high pressure that's been kind of out across the Southwest and west Texas ... that's going to build eastward," he  said. "The upper-level wind pattern is going to change where what's over that area is going to be shifting eastward towards our area.

"As the heat builds in by the middle and end of the week it's also going to get kind of humid, too, which will push those indexes to close to 100."



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