Faces of Survival: Tara Tanksley-Stallings

Cancer survivor Tara Tanksley-Stallings shared her story at the Augusta Boxing Club.

FAMILY: Children, James, 19, and Michael, 14


OCCUPATION: New Wave Life Coach, author, business owner, student

DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT: June 2002; chemotherapy and radiation

HER STORY: Tanksley-Stallings, 40, had no family history of breast cancer. She happened to feel the lump one day while on the phone.

She knew her hair would fall out from chemotherapy, but Tanksley-Stallings researched the cancer to learn more about treatment, symptoms and healing. More than anything, her faith and positive attitude helped her through the treatment, she said.

After her diagnosis, Tanksley-Stallings wrote a self-help book titled, Ladies Let’s Talk. The book details her journey through life.

HER ADVICE: Use the Internet to research questions. You will be more prepared to ask the doctors questions, she said. “If you don’t have a strong faith, you need to develop one.”