Survivor Profile: Sherri Hobbs

Her background


AGE: 47

FAMILY: Mother, Rosa Hobbs; sister, Lisa Hobbs Collins; brother, Burnie Hobbs Jr.

OCCUPATION: Administrative assistant for the Richmond County District Attorney's Office

DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT: Oct. 10, 1999; chemotherapy and radiation


"Just stay positive. Don't let this disease take away the joy. Do the things you always did and (don't) succumb to the disease. You're going to be ill, and you're going to have some bad days, (but) keep the faith, stay positive and look forward. It's not necessarily a death sentence."


From the day she was diagnosed, Hobbs insisted on working every day through her treatment, no matter how bad she felt, even if it meant working half-days.

It was one of the things that kept her going.

Hobbs said doctors didn't know what her chances were when she was diagnosed but she stayed positive, choosing to focus on the possibility that she might live rather than the possibility she might die.

"(Negative thinking) has a lot of effect on your health," she said. "I think it'll actually make you sick."

Hobbs said her bout with cancer made her appreciate life more than she already did.

"It made me take it one day at a time," she said.