Faces of Survival: Linda Brown

Cancer survivor Linda Brown didn’t have any family history of breast cancer.

FAMILY: Three children, Patrick, 42, Nicholas, 38 and Clifford, 32; six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren


OCCUPATION: Currently on disability from Doctor’s Hospital

DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT: June 1999; chemotherapy and radiation

HER STORY: Brown, 59, didn’t have any family history of breast cancer. One year after picking up a pamphlet on breast cancer, she felt a lump in her breast while lying in bed. After visiting the doctor, she was scheduled for an emergency visit to see a surgeon. Chemotherapy started soon after.

The chemotherapy that Brown was given caused her to have an enlarged heart, for which now she takes medicine to return it to normal size.

HER ADVICE: “If you are a smoker, please stop smoking. Let the caffeine go. Go caffeine free. Try not to stress anything,” she said.



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