Girl collects movies, books to donate to children's hospital

After complications from a July tonsillectomy sent 11-year-old Jasmine Martz back to the hospital for a few extra days, she quickly saw a need.


“There was barely anything to watch,” said Jasmine, a sixth-grader at LBC Middle School. “I decided to raise movies and books.”

A month of collecting the items for the patients at the Medical College of Georgia Children’s Medical Center netted 432 DVDs and VHS tapes along with 117 children’s books. Jasmine and her parents, John and Viviana Martz, delivered them Tuesday.

They started the project July 17, the day Jasmine got out of the hospital, according to her mother. They created a Facebook event page and began seeking donations. Jasmine’s original goal was 300. They collected movies rated PG-13 or lower.

Jasmine said a few of her favorite titles among the donations were The Cat in The Hat, Spy Kids and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Melody Wallace, the hospital’s child-life supervisor and donations coordinator, said efforts such as Jasmine’s are appreciated.

“It’s so great for us. We can use these in all areas – outpatient clinics, the ER and ICU,” she said.

Having a favorite movie or television show can bring comfort to a child so it’s good to have them available, she said. Over time, the movie library is depleted.

Wallace said it’s not unusual for patients to want to give back to the hospital, especially if they have a good experience with the staff. Children often want to collect toys for other children.

Jasmine said there was one nurse she really liked because “she made me laugh.”

Viviana Martz thinks Jasmine would have wanted to do something anyway. That’s just the way she is.

“She has a good heart,” Jasmine’s mother said.