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WHY DOES THIS administration continue to lie, thinking that we are a bunch of idiots who would believe anything they say? Their latest blatant lie is associated with the lost e-mails when Lois Lerner’s com­puter crashed. The backups to these e-mails were also conveniently erased! Why don’t we see some heads roll over this debacle?


THIS IS A RANT for all those ranters who go on and on taking up valuable space that could be used by other ranters/ravers. If you have that much to say please submit under “Letter to the Editor.” Thank you!


WHO IS GOING TO believe ex-Commissioner Paul William “Bill” Hiers excuse for shoplifting when he said that he didn’t want to stand in the long line so he decided not to pay! Well, that’s a new one for the books!


WHO WOULD BELIEVE anything that Susan Rice says anymore? First, she said that the Benghazi attack was due to people who saw a video and not an attack by terrorists, and now she says that U.S. Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl (a deserter) served with honor and distinction. Beware of those con artists who are out there trying to brainwash us!


OBAMA HAS NO intention of approving the Key­stone XL pipeline, so I can’t blame Canada for coming up with an alternative approach that will get the oil to China. Shame on Obama for not approving the pipeline, which would have generated badly needed jobs for Americans!


IN AN INCREDIBLE abuse of power, Sen Mitch McConnell has staged nearly 500 filibusters, causing monumental grid­lock in Washington. We can’t afford to let Mitch continue to block progress.


KUDOS TO THE U.S. Army Signal Corps Band, the support staff, the cast and sponsors of the Re­mem­bering D-Day per­for­mance at The Im­per­ial Theatre on June 6. What a wonderful, delightful, thought-provoking performance, especially the “1944 Radio Show Command Performance.” The singers and band provided the audience a brilliant performance that would have made Glenn Miller proud.


GASOLINE PRICES ARE way, way up, so what do a couple of idiots in the U.S. Senate want to do? Increase the tax on a gallon of gas by 12 cents. One of these jerks is a Democrat and the other is a Republican. They are all out to stick it to us.


RAVE TO WAGT-Channel 26 for airing the Stanley Cup Finals games.



Savannah River Site resumes normal activity

A suspicious item was discovered Wednesday afternoon at the Savannah River National Laboratory which prompted emergency responseactivities.

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