Local accordions play for holiday

LaRue Mangelly has been playing the accordion since grade school.


Wearing a vest with accordion keys, Mangelly explained why she and the Big Kids Accordion Band were playing at Social Canvas outside the Morris Museum of Art on Sunday.

“It’s World Accordion Day,” she said.

The band celebrated by playing classic accordion songs from the early 1900s, when the first Italian immigrants brought the instrument to the U.S.

“Accordions are being played all over the world today,” she said. “We’re all wound up.”

Around the Big Kids, local artists painted with the music.

Michelle Schulte, the curator of education for the museum, said it was the third year the museum has played host to the event blending music and art.

Augusta State University student Jennifer Ackerman was painting a design with black, purple and blue acrylic paint. She said she did not bring a plan for what
she was going to paint; instead, she was listening and using the environment around her.

“I’m getting lost in the painting,” she said.

A community canvas was set up where people were welcome to paint over each other. Children used chalk to draw on the pavement. There was a button-making and a linocut prints booth.

The free event also included performances by Bailey Jerusalem Sounds, Romance Languages and DJ King Harold.

Held from 1 to 4 p.m., So­cial Canvas brought out children and adults alike.

Passers-by gathered around the Big Kids to see the seven-member all-accordion band perform.

“We didn’t plan it necessarily,” Schulte said. “World Accordion Day was just a happy coincidence.”


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