Collapsed column at fire station not reinforced, report says

Damage at fire station last week

Richmond County Fire Chief Chris James said he learned from an initial engineering report the column that collapsed at Station No. 9 on Walton Way Extension on June 25 was not reinforced.


“My assumption was it should have been reinforced,” he said.

Two weeks ago, a fire truck was leaving the station and part of the ladder took out a good part of the building. James is waiting on a final report from Cranston Engineering on the soundness of the building to decide whether to repair the damage or knock it down and start over.

“I would like to see as soon as possible a remedy the situation at Station 9 because we need that station,” he said. “There are live wires involved so we had to disconnect the power. We can’t leave firefighters in that station without power, because there would be no alarms, no air-conditioning.”

An apartment fire on Sunday at Millbrook Pointe apartments off Skinner Mill Road was in 9’s territory.

“They still had a good response time,” James said. “Would No. 9 have been slightly quicker? Yeah, but they still responded in good time. They were able to contain it in the two units it initially started in.”

Fire station collapses on firetruck


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