Modular nuclear reactor partnerships formed at SRS

The U.S. Energy Department and Savannah River Site announced today three public-private partnerships to develop deployment plans for small modular nuclear reactor technologies at SRS facilities.

The agreements would allow companies to use Savannah River Sites’s land assets, energy facilities and nuclear expertise to support potential private-sector development, testing and licensing of prototype modular reactor technology.

The agreements were made with Hyperion Power Generation Inc., SMR, LLC, a subsidiary of Holtec International and NuScale Power LLC.

The agreements will provide a framework for developing land use and site services agreements to further these efforts.

Small modular reactors have the added advantage of passive safety systems, compact and scalable design and lower capital costs.



Savannah River Site resumes normal activity

A suspicious item was discovered Wednesday afternoon at the Savannah River National Laboratory which prompted emergency responseactivities.

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