Atlanta strip club worried teen club will tarnish reputation

Patrick Walton

An Atlanta strip club is worried that an Augusta businessman’s problems could sully its good reputation.


Owners of Atlanta’s Magic City say they have been scandalized by news reports about a purported teen club in Augusta that went by the same name. The teen club at 3200 Mike Padgett Highway was shut down after a shootout in the parking lot last month resulted in the death of a 16-year-old.

The proprietor, Patrick Walton, has been charged with a felony for misleading officials in order to obtain a business license.

Nancy Gardner, an attorney with Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, White, Williams and Aughtry, said they are glad the teen club is no longer open but are unhappy that Walton’s business “dragged our client’s name through the mud.”

Gardner said she contacted Walton in December when they learned he was operating under the Magic City name, which is trademarked by M Entertainment & Consultant Service Inc.

“Walton denied that he was using Magic City, denied he operated a club, and claimed that the business license he held mistakenly referred to his business as Magic City,” Gardner said in an e-mail. “He told me it wasn’t club but a banquet hall, where they had bingo.”

Gardner said there are no bingo nights at her client’s establishment.

She said her concern is that events at the Augusta club will cause “consumer confusion” and make customers mistakenly associate Walton’s business with the Atlanta club, which provides “adult entertainment in the nature of nude, semi-nude and erotic dancing.”

“The unfortunate shooting at the Augusta club and Mr. Walton’s own bad acts are tarnishing our client’s name and reputation,” Gardner said.

She said there is no mistake that Walton chose the Magic City name because of the cache it carries in certain circles.

“It has been mentioned in several hip hop songs,” she said. “In certain communities it is quite well known.”




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