Doctors Hospital blood drive could help Joseph M. Still Burn Center patients

Lisa Reese watched the blood flow out of her arm Tuesday into a collection bag.


Though she was helping out in a blood drive at Doctors Hospital for Shepeard Community Blood Center, she knows some of that blood could be coming back to help patients at Joseph M. Still Burn Center.

Reese, a transcription supervisor for the company that represents the center’s medical staff, said about half her colleagues give blood regularly because they know the need.

“We do use a lot of blood products,” said burn coordinator Kathy Holliman. “There are several employees who donate because they know how important it is to our patients. And not just to our patients but to the community in general.”

That’s why Reese donates.

“It’s what you ought to do for everybody,” she said.

As one of the largest burn centers in the country, it regularly sees patients not just from Georgia and South Carolina but from Florida and Mississippi, too, Reese and Holliman said.

“We’ve had some from Tennessee, North Carolina, pretty much the southeastern area” of the U.S., she said.

But as far as she knows, Shepeard always finds a way to meet the needs of those burn patients, who use all manner of blood products, Holliman said.