Candidates in town Thursday

Republican candidates gathered this morning to discuss jobs, but mostly the importance of turning the entire state of Geogia red.

“We’re going to take Georgia and America back,” said Congressman Paul Broun at the Republican Georgia Bus Tour. “I believe very firmly that every single constitutional office in the state of Georgia is going to be Republican after this election.”

Nearly 100 people were present, risking the inclement weather, to hear 10 candidates discuss their plans for the state.

Gubernational nominee Nathan Deal said he would not only pay attention to the needs of the state, but also to the needs of Augustans.

He said he’s the only candidate for governor who’s lived in Augusta and had a wife to teach in Augusta schools. “That’s saying I will not forget where Augusta is,” he said.

Candidates discussed the importance of small businesses and their plans to put more people back to work.

Sam Olens, nominee for attorney general discussed his planned course of action against President Barack Obama’s health care plan.

 “I’m the only candidate in this race who will continue the legal fight against that,” he said. “Come Jan. 10, that lawsuit will change and the state of Georgia for the first time will be a part of that lawsuit in Pensacola, Fla.”




Democrats here tonight

From 5 to 8 p.m., the Richmond and Columbia county Democratic parties will hold a free barbecue (no takeouts) at Julian Smith Casino for statewide candidates.

Roy Barnes, Mike Thurmond, John Barrow, Russell Edwards and other statewide candidates will attend, a spokesman said.




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