Tax preparer, teacher seeks elected office for fifth time

Jackie Ricciardi/Staff
Robert Ingham, who has run for commission once before and school board three times, works as a tax preparer and substitute teacher in Richmond and Burke counties.

Robert Ingham said his campaign for the 10th District seat marks the fifth time he's been on the ballot in Richmond County.


"I've run for the school board three times and for the commission once before," he said. "It's just a weak point that I'm not able to get elected. I'm a little bit older than Grady Smith and twice as old as Sean Frantom. One is a businessman. The other is 31 years old and outsources people to jobs through an agency."

He said the planning and zoning board should not approve too many of the same type of businesses in the same area.

Ingham said a person who is strong in one area might be weak in other areas.

"I've been a tax preparer 37 years, and I have 18 years serving as a substitute teacher in Richmond County and Burke County, which makes me able to compare school systems," he said. "I have a variety of experience. I've been an insurance agent twice and a real-estate salesman twice. A real-estate agent can tell you a lot about a community."

Ingham also said that he has traveled worldwide and has lived in the Canal Zone and Venezuela, and that he served in Vietnam in 1966-68.



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