Barnes made millions as savvy businessman

Investments added to success in law
Roy Barnes

In the view of his opponents, all voters need to know about Roy Barnes can be expressed in three words: rich trial lawyer.

Republican Nathan Deal summarizes Barnes' career outside politics under such headings as "Illegal Voters," "Jackpot Jury Payouts," and "Suing Georgia."

Barnes is rich, by most standards, but attributing Barnes' affluence solely to his prowess as a litigator, oversimplifies reality.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution examined more than 1,500 pages of Barnes' tax returns, financial disclosure statements and other records. The documents suggest he has accumulated wealth not only through lawyering, but also through shrewd investing and good timing. At the end of 2009, according to his latest financial disclosure, Barnes and his wife, Marie, had a net worth of $16.6 million.

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