Candidate Profile: Thurbert Baker

Thurbert Baker's gubernatorial campaign had just moved into its new rental home in early June, and was soaking in the atmosphere of worn carpet, bare walls and rooms empty except for desks and laptop computers.

"The roof doesn't leak," Baker ventured of the quintessential political campaign HQ: a bare-bones operation where, over the next seven weeks, faithful volunteers and hired political operatives would put in long hours fueled by adrenaline, Diet Coke and fast food.

Baker is an undefeated veteran of eight campaigns -- five as a state representative from DeKalb County and three as state attorney general -- and says he is confident. But this one is different: It's a big-time race and he's an underdog.

"This is going to be intense," he said, sitting in a sparse room that would do well for a police interrogation. "You have to take 'tired' out of your vocabulary."

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