Case of misappropriated Masters badges intended for Richmond County students may go unsolved

If the answer to how a batch of 2011 Masters Tournament badges donated to Richmond County students ended up in the hands of scalpers was ever a concern for school officials, it’s not a pressing mystery anymore.


School officials are no longer investigating how badges intended for students went to scalpers, and they are still unable to provide any details about the issue.

“The school system will not continue with anything further unless they get additional information from the National,” said schools spokesman Louis Svehla.

Augusta National Golf Club spokesman Steve Ethun also said the club will not comment about the issue at all.

Since the badges were scalped in April, the school system has not been able to say how many badges were involved, which schools they were supposed to go to or which individuals they were given to.

Svehla said Tuesday the Augusta National does not donate badges to schools on an annual basis, but that representatives offered to give a few badges this year to deserving students.

Lucy C. Laney High School Principal Tonia Mason said her school received badges but that none of Laney’s tickets were used inappropriately.

Mason chaperoned two Laney students on one of the tournament days after she received an offer from the school system.

“I know what I did, and I know what my students did,” Mason said. “But sometimes other people will do bad things for money.”

Mason said her badges were nonrefundable and good for that day only.

Schools to probe how scalpers got system's Masters badges


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