3 schools could fail AYP tests

Three schools in Columbia County failed to make adequate yearly progress last school year.


Evans High, Grovetown Middle and Harlem Middle schools came up short on some criteria used to determine schools' AYP as determined by the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

Superintendent Charles Nagle said Friday those schools still have a good chance of redeeming their AYP status, though.

The state Department of Education uses scores on such standardized tests as the Criterion-Referenced Competen-cy Tests to help determine AYP. On those tests, pupil populations are broken down into subcategories based on race, disabilities and socio-economic status.

If a large enough group in any subcategory fails to meet the minimum standards set by the state on those tests, then the entire school is deemed inadequate.

As a second consideration, elementary and middle schools must meet minimum requirements on attendance rates and high schools must meet minimum graduation rates to make AYP.

"Evans High School needs nine more students to graduate," Nagle said of how close the school is to meeting the 85 percent graduation rate minimum. "Evans High has 24 students who could possibly graduate this summer. ... We will know the status of this after summer school."

A summer school graduation ceremony will be held July 8.

Nagle said he also believes Grovetown and Harlem middle schools will make AYP after the state factors in scores from retests administered in May.

Just a few too many pupils at each school failed the CRCT on the administration in April.

Though the retests already have been taken, Nagle said the state won't count them until the fall. Department of Education officials said this week that they'll release initial school-level AYP results next month.



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