New name for MCG draws much scrutiny

New name for MCG draws much scrutiny

When it comes to renaming Medical College of Georgia, readers of The Augusta Chronicle seem just as concerned with the acronym the new name would generate as with the name itself.


Readers responded to MCG President Ricardo Azziz's idea of renaming the overall health sciences university with something that includes "university" in the name.

Some of the leading online submissions from readers included:

- Medical University of Georgia (MUG), although a few complained about it. "The acronym for that (MUG) is kind of ... blah," wrote jb1234.

- HUG -- Health University of Georgia. "Much better than MUG!" augustadog wrote.

- Georgia Health Sciences University -- "The acronym would be pronounced as "guess who." Pretty catchy, huh?" wrote KatieLou.

- Medical College of Georgia Health Sciences University (MCGHSU) -- "Keep MCG in the name," an anonymous poster wrote.

- Anything other than "MUG" Medical University of Georgia.

MCG could get a name change
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