Frazier keeps license in exchange for guilty plea

An administrative law judge rescinded the suspension of Wayne Frazier's driver's license during a hearing Tuesday, but the high school principal must agree to plead guilty in a criminal case in order to keep his driving rights, according to an Office of State Administrative Hearings docket.


The hearing was held at Frazier's request after the arresting police officer who charged the Glenn Hills High School principal with DUI and failure to maintain lane requested the license suspension. Frazier refused a sobriety test when he was stopped at Deans Bridge Road and Brentway Drive on May 20. According to state law, anyone who refuses to take a sobriety test at the time of arrest is subject to license suspension, said Solicitor General Charles Evans.

The arresting officer withdrew his request for the suspension during the hearing held at Columbia County Justice Center, where all area administrative license hearings are held.

Frazier agreed to enter a guilty plea to his charge of DUI or an agreed-upon lesser charge such as reckless driving in state court in exchange for the license suspension reversal, according to the document. If Frazier does not uphold his end of the agreement, the Georgia Department of Driver Services can opt to reinstate the suspension.

The administrative hearing has no bearing on the criminal case still pending against Frazier, Evans said. On July 2, he entered a not guilty plea to the DUI charge in the State Court of Richmond County. A trial date has not yet been set.

"It does not affect the outcome in state court," Evans said. "It addresses his privilege to drive."

So far, Frazier's only school system reprimand regarding the arrest is a letter of advisement given by former Superintendent Dana Bedden last month. Frazier was advised that though he is presumed innocent until proven guilty, "it is the expectation of the Richmond County school board that such event should have been reported by you to your supervisor, the executive director for high schools, or to my office."

Hearing agreement signed by Frazier and officials


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