Fifth-graders make most improvement on CRCT

Fifth-graders in Richmond and Columbia counties showed the most improvement on math and reading portions of the Criterion-Referenced Competency Test, according to results released by the state Thursday.


The third- and eighth-grade scores on the math and reading portions varied in both school systems, according to Georgia Department of Education data.

Students in the third grade must pass the reading portion of the statewide test to advance to the next grade, while fifth- and eighth-graders must pass that section and math. The test scores, along with attendance rates, determine whether elementary and middle schools make adequate yearly progress -- a mandate of the federal No Child Left Behind program.

State Department of Education spokesman Matt Cardoza said Thursday that AYP results would be available later this month. The CRCT scores released Thursday do not reflect results of retests administered during summer school, Cardoza said.


About half of Richmond County's elementary schools showed increases in third-grade reading scores on the CRCT. There were few major increases or decreases on the reading portion for third-graders, but Wheeless Road and Garrett Elementary schools showed the most significant increase and decrease, respectively.

Wheeless Road's third-grade reading scores jumped 20.5 percentage points, with 50.9 percent passing the portion last year and 79.5 passing this year. Garrett Elementary's third-grade reading scores dropped from 96.4 percentage points to 78.6 percent this year.

Just two Columbia County elementary schools -- Evans and North Columbia -- showed slight drops in third-grade CRCT reading scores when compared to last year.


Richmond County's fifth-graders fared better on the reading portion than third-graders, and most passed the test's math portion. Twenty-one schools had fifth-graders with passing reading scores. Twenty elementary schools had fifth-graders with passing math scores.

C.T. Walker Traditional Magnet School's fifth-grade reading scores were the highest with 98 percent of students passing. Jenkins-White Elementary Charter School had the lowest and biggest drop in fifth-grade reading scores, with passing scores dropping from 78.8 percentage points last year to 62.7 this year.

Hephzibah Middle School had the highest percentage of fifth-graders passing math with 87.3 percent. Only 37.9 percent of Blythe Elementary School's 66 fifth-graders passed the math portion -- the lowest percentage for the grade and subject.

Fifth-grade scores in reading and math for Columbia County schools was a mixed bag of soaring gains and crashing falls. Just five elementary schools -- South Columbia, Greenbrier, Brookwood, Euchee Creek and North Harlem -- posted gains in both categories.

Euchee Creek's netted a 20.8 percentage points jump in math scores to 94.9.

In math, Lewiston, Cedar Ridge and Bel Air elementary schools posted drops of 8.7 percent, 7.2 percent and 6.7 percent, respectively. Westmont and North Columbia elementary schools gained in math by 13.6 percent and 9.7 percent, respectively.


Eighth-graders at Richmond County schools showed improvement in reading and math scores. Seven schools showed increased scores on the reading scores, and two -- C.T. Walker and John S. Davidson Fine Arts Magnet -- had 100 percent passing rates in the subject. Only 21.1 percent of W.S. Hornsby K-8 students passed the math portion. Davidson's eighth-graders led with a 100 percent passing rate in math this year.

Eighth-graders at Columbia County's eight middle schools varied little when compared to the 2009 class.



Third GradePct. passing reading
A. Brian Merry Elementary79.2
Barton Chapel Elementary70.6
Bayvale Elementary74.6
Blythe Elementary79.6
Collins Elementary68.8
Copeland Elementary88.3
Craig-Houghton Elementary70.9
C.T. Walker97.8
Deer Chase80.4
Diamond Lakes71.8
Freedom Park Elementary93.9
Garrett Elementary78.6
Glenn Hills Elementary77.8
Goshen Elementary95.3
Gracewood Elementary85.1
Hains Elementary77.9
Hephzibah Elementary94.8
Hornsby K-8 Elementary58.3
Jamestown Elementary82
Jenkins-White Elementary69.5
Lake Forest Hills Elementary90
Lamar-Milledge Elementary79.4
McBean Elementary87.8
Meadowbrook Elementary78.9
Monte Sano Elementary83.6
National Hills Elementary93.5
Roy E. Rollins Elementary81.5
Southside Elementary85.7
Sue Reynolds Elementary95
Terrace Manor Elementary64
Tobacco Road Elementary85.9
Warren Road Elementary92.8
Wheeless Road Elementary79.5
Wilkinson Gardens Elementary73.1
Willis Foreman Elementary94.9
Windsor Spring Elementary80.3

Fifth Grade

Pct. passing readingPct. passing math
A. Brian Merry Elementary85.475
Barton Chapel Elementary73.249.3
Bayvale Elementary68.153.2
Blythe Elementary74.237.9
Collins Elementary71.766
Copeland Elementary77.455.8
Craig-Houghton Elementary75.963
C.T. Walker98.191.3
Deer Chase83.276.6
Diamond Lakes71.457.1
Freedom Park Elementary97.487.2
Garrett Elementary84.168.2
Glenn Hills Elementary70.459.2
Goshen Elementary91.766.7
Gracewood Elementary8968.5
Hains Elementary91.978.4
Hephzibah Elementary84.187.3
Hornsby K-8 Elementary80.938.3
Jamestown Elementary80.368.2
Jenkins-White Elementary62.746.3
Lake Forest Hills Elementary84.766.7
Lamar-Milledge Elementary79.749.3
McBean Elementary90.268.3
Meadowbrook Elementary76.160.6
Monte Sano Elementary8878
National Hills Elementary91.378.3
Roy E. Rollins Elementary86.360.3
Southside Elementary78.656.5
Sue Reynolds Elementary87.775.7
Terrace Manor Elementary80.480.4
Tobacco Road Elementary88.671.1
Warren Road Elementary97.385.1
Wheeless Road Elementary82.469.1
Wilkinson Gardens Elementary75.955.2
Willis Foreman Elementary83.368.3
Windsor Spring Elementary86.162.5
Eighth GradePct. passing readingPct. passing math
Freedom Elementary97.459.5
Pine Hill Middle93.559.2
Hornsby K-881.121.1
Morgan Road Middle School88.641.6
Glenn Hills9050
Spirit Creek92.146.3
C.T. Walker10084.1
Sego Middle87.850
A.R. Johnson97.991.6


Third GradePct. passed reading
Lewiston Elementary95.7
River Ridge Elementary100
Westmont Elementary98.9
Evans Elementary94.9
Blue Ridge Elementary99.1
Brookwood Elementary98.8
Stevens Creek Elementary99.4
Riverside Elementary97
Cedar Ridge Elementary99.2
Greenbrier Elementary100
Euchee Creek Elementary91.5
Bel Air Elementary97.6
Martinez Elementary93
North Columbia Elementary96.9
North Harlem Elementary86.3
Grovetown Elementary94.1
South Columbia Elementary96.2
Fifth GradePercent passed readingPct. passed math
Lewiston Elementary92.585.7
River Ridge Elementary96.696.6
Westmont Elementary92.494.5
Evans Elementary97.396
Blue Ridge Elementary98.992.3
Brookwood Elementary98.992.3
Stevens Creek Elementary9793.9
Riverside Elementary97.894.2
Cedar Ridge Elementary94.474.6
Greenbrier Elementary10097.5
Euchee Creek Elementary94.994.9
Bel Air Elementary93.277.3
Martinez Elementary9588.8
North Columbia Elementary98.391.5
North Harlem Elementary90.986.9
Grovetown Elementary93.789.7
South Columbia Elementary92.877.1
Eighth GradePct. passed readingPct. passed math
Greenbrier Middle99.395.4
Grovetown Middle95.970.1
Evans Middle97.782.7
Stallings Island Middle98.490.5
Riverside Middle10089.3
Harlem Middle94.670.3
Lakeside Middle97.986.9
Columbia Middle97.887.5


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