Glenn Hills High principal receives reprimands

Administrator suspended for 10 days for missing money
Glenn Hills High School principal Wayne Frazier was suspended for 10 days without pay.

Glenn Hills High School Principal Wayne Frazier has received a 10-day suspension without pay involving a case in which his school's former bookkeeper was accused of taking student activities funds.


In his last day on the job Friday, Richmond County schools Superintendent Dana Bedden announced the decision, noting that he met with Frazier the day before to detail the punishment and discuss two other recent incidents: one involving Frazier's May 20 arrest on a driving under the influence charge, the other dealing with the school's yearbook depicting some students as criminals.

The missing money case involved a bookkeeper being accused of taking $14,417 in student activities money. The worker, Bridgette Thompkins, was allowed by the school system to pay restitution and resign rather than be prosecuted.

A letter of reprimand given to Frazier detailed 14 accounts that had money missing, including $4,690 from locker rental fees, $1,289 from a library account and $1,006 from a Haitian Children's Fund that benefits victims of this year's earthquake in Haiti.

The letter states that Thompkins denied any intentional wrongdoing, "but she could not explain the missing funds." The letter also states that Frazier wasn't aware of what led to the missing funds, but "your failure to properly supervise and monitor Ms. Thompkins' activities as bookkeeper and failure to adhere to the accounting guidelines of the Richmond County school system allowed these activities to take place and go undetected by you."

Frazier was told to take several actions to prevent such cases in the future, including holding a training workshop for Glenn Hills staff on proper accounting procedures, meeting with a new bookkeeper at least monthly to discuss financial records, and revising procedures for collecting locker fees.

Frazier was cited as failing to carry out such duties as requiring receipts for all funds collected at the same time they were presented. He was also chided for not taking deposits personally to the bank daily or appointing someone other than the bookkeeper to do so.

For his arrest, Frazier was given only a letter of advisement because the case is pending in court. That letter from Bedden advised Frazier that though he is presumed innocent until found guilty, "it is the expectation of the Richmond County school board that such event should have been reported by you to your supervisor, the executive director for high schools, or to my office."

The letter states that Frazier is to immediately alert administrators if any other serious incidents occur in the future, and to keep the system updated on the outcome of his court case.

The yearbook controversy occurred two weeks after Frazier's arrest. The publication drew criticism because it satirically depicted students as criminals in a section called the "Jail Report."

Frazier was given a written reprimand in that case.

The reprimand states that though a committee of parents and teachers assisted with the yearbook and Frazier learned of the problem only after its publication, "it is your responsibility as principal to act as 'editor' of any school-sponsored publication to assist in ensuring the content is appropriate for a school-sponsored student publication."

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The missing money

An investigation into $14,400 in missing student activities funds at Glenn Hills High School determined the school's former bookkeeper, Bridgette Thompkins, was to blame. She resigned and repaid the money.

Here is a list of accounts that were found to be missing money:

Locker rental fees $4,690

Vocational account $1,537.44

TSA-Technology Club $1,337

Library account $1,289

Student Council $1,076

Haitian Children's Fund $1,006.62

RVI Club $792.06

FBLA $550

ROTC $550

Girls soccer team $543

Varsity football $440

VOCA Club $389.50

Senior class $165

SADD Club, Japanese Club and chorus $52

Stolen funds breakdown letter
DUI arrest advisement
Yearbook complaint reprimand


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