Cuts not as bad expected at MCG, Augusta State

Medical College of Georgia might have fared slightly better than expected when the Board of Regents voted on the budget Tuesday, said William Bowes, the senior vice president for finance and administration.


"We're still evaluating this, and I want to make certain of some things. But so far it doesn't look as bad as I expected," he said Tuesday.

The school had been expecting a drop next fiscal year of $10.2 million, but instead it looks like it will be $9.87 million, Bowes said.

"It's about $300,000 less," he said. "Every little bit helps, you know. That's good news."

The school is getting $2.5 million to support cancer research that the Legislature included as a special initiative, Bowes said.

Still, it is too early to know what the new numbers will mean as far as cuts, and administration officials plan to work with incoming MCG President Ricardo Azziz "because this will become his budget," Bowes said.

Azziz said Monday he is working with school officials but acknowledges that Interim President James N. Thompson is in charge until Azziz takes over July 1, the first day of the new fiscal year.

Augusta State University did not fare as well as MCG. Its state allocation for fiscal year 2011, to include $377,121 in federal stimulus dollars, is $26,271,392 -- $773,632 less than this fiscal year's amended state allocation, according to University System of Georgia information.

ASU spokeswoman Kathy Schofe said it wasn't known Tuesday how ASU would make up the cut, but at least the amount was much less than a worst-case-scenario figure that was tossed around earlier this year.

"It's much better news than what could have happened," she said.



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