McDuffie County school board approves 35 job cuts

THOMSON --- The McDuffie County Board of Education will notify approximately 35 employees today that they will lose their jobs.


The school board voted Thursday night to authorize Superintendent Jim LeBrun to enact a Reduction in Force (RIF) status.

The motion was made by board member Bob Smith, seconded by Dexter Lovins and passed unanimously. Board member Ella Mae Samuels was not at the meeting.

Mr. LeBrun said most likely 35 employees will not receive contract renewals.

Although the cuts won't happen until the end of June, Mr. LeBrun said he wants to notify the employees now to give them more time to look for another job. He gave board members the option of "waiting to see what the governor is going to do as far as funding," but then those affected would not have the opportunity to search for a job.

"It's a moving target right now," Mr. LeBrun said. "Because we don't know what our allotments will be from Atlanta, and we don't know who all is going to retire. But waiting is not the thing to do."

Mr. LeBrun said Richmond County is having a large job fair on Saturday, and this will give those affected the opportunity to go.

School board members said they regretted the action, but commended Mr. LeBrun and administrative assistant Sheilah Johnson on providing detailed information to administrators and faculty.

"I saw the letter you sent out in e-mail, and I cannot find anything wrong with it or see how anybody can have an issue with it considering the situation," Mr. Lovins said.



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