Columbia County student transfer plan OK'd

Columbia County school officials approved Tuesday the number of pupil transfers within the system allowed under a new state law. Passed in May, the law allows parents to transfer their children to any system school with available capacity.


Schools in the county that qualify in the upcoming school year include Blue Ridge Elementary, with 24 open spaces; Euchee Creek Elementary, with 86; North Columbia Elementary, with 19; Greenbrier Middle, with four; and Harlem High, with 261.

But only three pupils chose to transfer to North Columbia, and one chose to move to Blue Ridge.

Harlem High and Euchee Creek will receive the most transferring pupils, 12 and eight, respectively.

Nine pupils asked for a transfer to Greenbrier Middle, so the school held a lottery to narrow the number to four.

Assistant Superintendent Robert Jarrell said there will be no waiting lists. If a pupil selected for Greenbrier Middle later chooses to remain at his or her zoned school, another pupil cannot step into the open slot.

By collecting the transfer requests in January, school officials hoped to improve planning and avoid confusion.

Parents or pupils taking advantage of such transfers must provide their own transportation to the preferred school.



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