Teacher accused of assault had planned to quit

Woman accused of assaulting fourth-grader

Before a Tobacco Road Elementary School teacher was placed on administrative leave in March amid allegations that she assaulted a fourth-grader, she had already notified school officials of her plans to resign at the end of this school year.


Kayrie Cargill submitted a letter of resignation to her principal Feb. 1, citing her plans to move from Augusta.

She was put on administrative leave after a parent reported to police that Cargill grabbed her child by the neck and forced her head onto a desk when the pupil could not answer a math problem March 23.

Richmond County school board attorney Pete Fletcher said he did not know about the resignation letter until last week because it was backed up in the personnel department for processing.

Fletcher is working with Cargill's attorney to determine whether the school system will impose her resignation immediately or whether it must allow her to finish the roughly 20 remaining days of the school year.

If she remains employed, Cargill would most likely be placed in an administrative position and have no contact with pupils, Fletcher said.

"So (employees) don't get paid for doing nothing, we'll let them come down and do something not in the classroom, like end-of-the-year records," he said.

Before the incident in March, Cargill had been reprimanded for a series of allegations dating back to her hiring in 2006.

They ranged from punishing pupils by forcing them to stand in a bathroom with the lights off to leaving the classroom and forgetting she had placed children in timeout.

In a letter of reprimand dated July 2010, then-Interim Superintendent James Whitson told Cargill her tenure with the school system had been "flawed to the extent that it is almost un-repairable."

Whitson wrote that Cargill's contract would not be renewed if she did not correct her actions. Cargill declined to comment Monday on the current investigation or past offenses.

The mother of the fourth-grader involved in the latest incident said she would be disappointed if the school system allowed the teacher to resign at the end of the year instead of being terminated.

Dorothea Goudeau said that after her initial report filed with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office, there has been no further police involvement while the school system finishes its investigation.

"They're giving her a pat on the back," Goudeau said of the school system. "If they don't take her license, who's to say she doesn't go to another town and do the same thing? We feel her license should be taken. She has hurt enough children. These are babies. They can't help themselves."

Fletcher said his discussions with Cargill's attorney will take place this week.

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