Thief takes car while driver pays for gas

A North Augusta woman lost her borrowed car Tuesday when she left it to go inside a gas station and pay for the fuel she had just pumped, according to a North Augusta Public Safety incident report.

The 52-year-old woman was driving her daughter’s 1989 Honda Accord. She pulled up to the No. 7 pump at the Circle K at 226 Georgia Ave. about 8 a.m. Tuesday and pumped $7 in gas.

“She went in to pay and when she came out, the vehicle was gone,” according to the report, which did not say whether she left the keys in the car.

The woman did not see anyone take off in the grey and tan vehicle. An officer reviewed surveillance tapes with store management and saw someone get into the car, pull out of the parking lot and head toward the Georgia state line almost as soon as the woman turned her back to walk into the store, according to the report.

Because the video was obscured, the officer was unable to determine the gender or race of the suspect.