911 calls from Aiken shooting death heard

AIKEN — Sounds of anger, gunshots and grief can be heard on 911 recordings released Friday involving the fatal May 17 shootings of Aiken artist Lynn Carlisle, 68, and her ex-husband, Craig Jarvis, 64.


Police say Jarvis, who had become distraught over failed efforts to reconcile with Carlisle, went to her Cherry Hills Drive home that Thurs­day morning and shot her, then died after a shootout with Aiken Department of Public Safety officers at the scene.

The 911 recordings of calls believed to have been made by Jarvis and Carlise were played Friday for repor­ters who requested information in a case that had stunned the couple’s friends and families.

According to the recordings, Jar­vis first called from a landline phone at Carlisle’s home at 10:09 a.m., asking for contact information for the FBI. After the operator said he would have to call back on a non-emergency line, the call was dropped.

Seven minutes later, Carlisle called 911 from the same line, screaming and repeatedly begging: “Please don’t do this.”

A voice believed to be Jarvis’ tells her to hang up and says, “You don’t love me. You left me.”

The call continued for several minutes, and shots can be heard in the background.

Toward the end of the call, a male voice can be heard saying, “I love you, Lynn. You’re dying.”

Friends said the pair had been working toward reconciliation after divorcing about a year and a half ago. They had been married for about 10 years.

Carlisle was an artist specializing in animal paintings. Collections of her work have been shown in the United States, England and Aus­tra­lia, according to her Web site.

Five public safety officers have been removed from line-duty assignments while the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division investigates the shooting. Capt. David Turno identified them as Master Public Safety Officer Jennifer L. Bickel, Sgt. Craig Burgess, Cpl. Jeremy Hembree, Mas­ter Public Safety Officer P. Steven Miano and Detective Martin E. Sawyer.

Two Aiken County sheriff’s officers who were put on administrative leave until they cleared a mental evaluation have returned to duty.

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