Mom admits driving drunk with children

The mother of three small children who tried to outrun a sheriff’s deputy while drunk with the children in her vehicle pleaded guilty Friday.


Rebecca L. Avrett, 27, was sentenced in Richmond County Superior Court to five years in prison, followed by 15 years on probation. She pleaded guilty to 20 charges, including fleeing, cruelty to children in the second degree, endangering a child while driving under the influence, violation of the Georgia child-restraint law and possession of a open container of alcohol while driving.

Avrett was in a minor accident on James Drive on May 14. When Deputy Calvin Davis arrived, Avrett drove away and hit 80-85 mph before crashing into a tree, District Attorney John Markwalter said.

Judge Michael N. Annis, who was assigned to Avrett’s case, asked her whether the children were injured. Avrett said they had bumps and bruises. The children are 5, 6 and 8.

Avrett’s mother had been killed in a drunken-driving accident when she crashed into a tree, said Assistant Public Defender Penelope Donkar. Avrett, who was a child at the time, was raised in foster homes. She is deeply aware of the tragic irony of what happened in May and has a serious alcohol problem that needs to be addressed, Donkar said.

Avrett’s two previous traffic offenses included a DUI.

Treatment and counseling are part of the sentence Annis imposed. She must also undergo drug tests and treatment for mental health.