Police seek leads in community after latest homicide

A common fear returned for some River Glen apartments residents when they once again looked out their windows Tuesday afternoon to see blue lights.


Just three days earlier, Keisha Thomas, a mother of two, had jumped from her bed and hit the floor when shots rang out through the neighborhood.

Officers arrived shortly before 12:30 a.m. Saturday and found the body of 23-year-old Angelo Quinn Daggett behind Building Y at the complex at 201 E. Telfair St.

On Tuesday, authorities returned to the area to pass out fliers and talk with residents. A helicopter flew overhead.

"Before (the case) starts going dry and getting cold, we come out to keep people amped up," said Richmond County sheriff's Capt. Scott Peebles. "We don't want people forgetting. We want them to know we're serious."

It's a tactic the sheriff's office has employed before. Within hours after using the same practice for a past investigation at East Augusta Commons, deputies had a suspect in custody.

"We've definitely had our fair share of issues down here," Peebles said as he stood on the sidewalk beside River Glen.

He estimated officers are called to the complex almost daily.

"Our kids need to be safe," said Pamela Scott. "We can't keep our kids locked up. It's about time they stop this."

Mesha Jessie held her hand to her stomach as police roamed her neighborhood. At six months pregnant, she wishes she could move to a safer area.

"They won't transfer us," she said.

Directly across the street from the scene of the killing, young children played on a slide and swing set after just being dropped off from school.

Residents said children can often be seen playing until the early-morning hours. Their concern is that one day, the stray bullets could strike their child.

"(My children) don't play outside. Not here," said a woman who referred to herself as Ms. Lee. She and her children, from newborn to 3 years, live just one building away from the homicide scene.

Daggett did not live at the complex, Peebles said. He had been staying at a west Augusta apartment complex after his recent release from prison.

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