Operation to catch speeders yields 49

The Richmond County Sheriff's Office, along with other agencies, blanketed Georgia Highway 56 Tuesday in an effort to cut down on speeding.


"We are listening to the public and their concerns," said Capt. Scott Gay of the sheriff's office.

The road has had four traffic fatalities this year. On April 20, Margot Helen Clark, Barney Joe McCombs and Thomas Heverly were killed when McCombs pulled out of Southern Glassine Drive into the path of a log truck.

Edward L. McCuller, 80, died Monday from injuries suffering during an April 26 crash. Authorities said McCuller turned left onto Horseshoe Road in front of an oncoming logging truck.

Tuesday's operation began around 7:30 a.m. and continued until 2 p.m. with officers covering the area from the Burke County line to U.S. Highway 25.

During that time, the sheriff's office, Georgia State Patrol and Motor Vehicle Compliance issued citations for speeding and other offenses, such as seat belt, child restraint, expired tag violations.

Officers issued 49 speeding citations, nearly half of which were issued between 7 and 9 a.m.

Gay said the highest speed recorded was 84 mph in a 55-mph zone around 9 a.m. The operation revealed that the average speed for the area from Tobacco Road to the county line is 65 mph.

Although tractor-trailers' speeds are a frequent source of complaints on Mike Padgett, Gay said the officers did not issue any speeding citations to tractor trailer drivers.

Gay said the operation was the first time the sheriff's office has covered the county's entire stretch of Georgia 56 in an operation. However, deputies intend to do such operations more frequently in an attempt to cut down on speeding along the road.