Son recalls night of father's shooting

Son in state of shock after father's slaying

David Luckey was in bed just before midnight Friday, about to doze off, when his cell phone rang.


"There's been gunshots, and the neighbors have called 911," he remembers his cousin saying.

Gunshots blasted by the house off Tobacco Road where his 81-year-old father, Johnny Luckey, lived alone.

"It can't be," David thought. His sister had just checked on their father the day before.

On the short drive to his father's home, David hoped his father was safe. But in the back of his mind, he knew.

When he turned down the street and reached the end of Hoods Lane where his father's house makes a dead end, David saw patrol cars and flashing lights. An investigator told him his father was in the living room -- dead from a gunshot wound.

"It's just shock," David said. "If somebody is sick, and you know they're going to die, you kind of prepare yourself over time. But with this, there is no preparation."

After receiving calls from neighbors about suspicious behavior, police found Johnny Luckey dead in his home about 11:30 p.m. Friday. Richmond County sheriff's Lt. Calvin Chew said evidence points to burglary as a motive, but a suspect has not been found.

Chew said investigators were working the case Sunday but provided no additional information.

Though burglaries were often reported in the area, David said his father never had any problems.

He had lived alone in the house since his wife died six years ago, David said. Heart problems and the oxygen tank he depended on had slowed him.

Years ago, he was an outdoorsman who worked most of his life for Richmond County overseeing roads. When storms came and debris piled up, it was Johnny Luckey's phone that would ring.

Luckey raised two daughters and a son in the home, where the family moved in 1963. After the kids grew up and his wife died, he spent much of his time watching TV and staying inside.

In his happy solitude, not many neighbors knew Luckey. There was always one relative who would check on him at least once a day, hoping to keep him safe as age and health problems increased.

"It might take a while, but I know they're going to get caught," David said of his father's killer. "I think people need to be more aware of their surroundings even at night around the house, because you never know."

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