Two men arrested, charged in beating

Two men were arrested after they beat a man with a tire iron while using racial slurs Saturday night, police said.


Richmond County sheriff's Sgt. Blaise Dresser said Jonathan Eubanks, 20, and Jeremy Jaynes, 24, were each charged with aggravated assault after they hit 40-year-old Jonathan Hoskins, who is black, in the head with a lug wrench and fractured his skull.

The suspects, who are described as white , were chasing another black man, who they claim threw something at their car near the corner of Third and Greene streets, a sheriff's report said.

The victim heard them using racial slurs against the man they were chasing, who was also black, and asked a man sitting in a van what was going on.

Later, Eubanks and Jaynes returned to the van, saw the victim, and allegedly began using racial slurs against him.

One of the suspects then hit him in the head. The victim was taken to the Medical College of Georgia Hospital for treatment and is expected to recover, police said.