Complaints spur drug arrests

Community complaints spurred a 10-day crackdown by narcotics deputies that had resulted in 236 arrests or citations by Wednesday.


The enforcement effort started last week as narcotics investigators teamed up with crime suppression and K-9 deputies and fanned out into neighborhoods most prone to drug problems.

The operation began each day in the early evening and continued into the morning as deputies targeted drug dealers and buyers.

All told, there were 52 felony drug arrests, 127 misdemeanor citations and 31 arrests on outstanding warrants, Sgt. Allan Rollins said.

There were 26 disorderly conduct charges against suspects who resisted arrest, and 12 others were taken into custody on sundry charges such as possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, Rollins said.

He didn't have an exact figure on the amount of drugs seized, but he estimated their street value at $20,000.

Targeted neighborhoods included Harrisburg, Apple Valley, Bethlehem and Old Savannah Road. Some suspects rolled through stop signs and committed other traffic violations in their haste to get away, "which only made it easier to pull them over," Rollins said.

The people in the neighborhood expressed their appreciation for cleaning up the streets, Rollins added.

He noted that the only downside to such an extensive operation is the amount of paperwork it generates.

"It is stacked up around here," he said.