Bond denied for father charged in death of infant

Authorities say an Augusta man arrested in January and accused of violently shaking and killing his 3-month-old son abused the child long before his death.


During a bond hearing Friday for Corduray Keith Scott, 22, Assistant District Attorney Brooks Hudson said that after the child's death doctors saw indications of a pattern of abuse.

The child suffered from brain damage, which doctors said was caused by oxygen repeatedly being denied to his brain over a long period of time. As a result, the child's brain was deformed.

Scott was arrested Jan. 18 on a cruelty-to-children charge that was upgraded to murder after the baby died. Judge Albert M. Pickett denied bond Friday.

Scott had been watching the baby the morning before the arrest and was awakened at about 5 a.m. by his cries, Brooks said. In interviews with deputies, Scott said he had pushed the baby -- which was in a small child's swing -- so hard that the swing broke and the baby was left hanging upside down. Scott said he left his son that way for about 10 minutes and left the room. When he returned, his son continued to cry so he began jumping violently into the air to get him to stop. The baby then began to make a low, humming sound.

In the morning, the boy's grandmother found him unresponsive and shaking, and called 911. Speaking to the judge, Brooks listed a series of incidents that Scott told investigators had happened before his son's death. These included leaving the baby on the floor for 15 minutes after he fell from the bed onto his face, squeezing him so hard that his ribs broke and leaving him face down in couch cushions until he turned blue.

When the baby was brought to the hospital, authorities found bruises on his chest and arms. He also had several broken ribs and brain hemorrhaging.