Subway opens shop at Fort Gordon

Subway, the top fast-food franchise for American military bases, opened its first location on Fort Gordon Monday.


A steady stream of customers filed into the Godfathers Building of the Fort Gordon Post Exchange for the new restaurant’s grand opening, which is a good sign for Fort Gordon residents in search of a job or some extra income.

Depending on sales, the business will employ 15 or more sandwich makers.

Tim Plews, the director of development at Subway, who has been planning the Fort Gordon location for more than a year, said the restaurant was originally scheduled to go at a location away from fort’s main strip. However, based on “good business sense” and concern that it would be inaccessible or not readily visible, it was moved to Rice Road, in Unit No. 29722 of the Godfathers Building.

Subway has between 900 and 1,000 military-based locations worldwide.

“Subway has a reputation for being healthy, which is one of the main goals we are trying to accomplish through offering alternative eating choices to our service members,” said Stefan Marks, general manager of the Fort Gordon Exchange. “Now we have the name brand recognition to help support that mission.”

Subway needs little overhead and startup expense – maybe $160,000 at the most, all contractor and franchising fees included – to open shop.

“We offer a very convenient service to the post with very limited overhead and space requirements,” Plews said. “We only need about a space about 10 feet deep by 20 feet long to serve anyone lunch.”