Augusta T-Mobile customer service center not affected by restructuring

T-Mobile announced a corporate restructuring plan this week that will result in 350 net job reduction, but it will not effect the Augusta customer service center.


Approximately 900 positions are being eliminated as a result of these changes, but T-Mobile will hire an additional 550 positions in 2012.

The Bellevue, Wash.-based company, the nation’s fourth-largest wireless-service provider, lost 510,000 contract customers in the first quarter. The job losses are a second set of reductions after the company announced on March 22 it would be eliminating 1,900 jobs tied to the closing of seven call centers.

According to a company spokesperson, the company’s recent restructuring does not affect customer service representatives in the 17 customer service centers, including the one in Augusta.

A release detailing the restructuring plans said the company plans to also hire 1,000 new business-to-business sales representatives as the company ramps up its targeting of the corporate market.

T-Mobile opened the customer service center in west Augusta in October 2007.